Your Custom
Foot Orthotics

(at a fraction of the cost
for replacements)

It’s Time for
Something New!

Your Orthotics Could
Look Like This Again

Good as new refurbiished orthotic

Fortunately, you don’t have to buy a new pair. As long as the original plastic or carbon piece is intact, we can freshen them up with a new cover with cushioning.

Why Buy New When You Could Refurbish?

It’s a question we get asked a lot here at Orthotic Fixer. The answer, unfortunately, is simpler than you think. 


The clever part of us would like to think we’re above being sold to, that we’re not going to just be hoodwinked into forking over another $300-800 or more for a pair of custom foot orthotics just to put it in our shoes. If you returned to the facility you got your orthotics from and asked if you could get a couple of top covers, you’ll get the runaround about “not as good” or “your feet change” or something the owner has memorized and told countless patients. It’s in their best interest to sell you a brand new pair. 

The bottom line is, most of the time, if your orthotic is looking a little ratty, you may just need a new set of top covers.

$60-70 versus $300-800 (or more).

Now you’re starting to see why they tell you you’ll need new devices, and why they’re “johnny on the spot” to do it for you. They’ll charge you for the exam plus the new orthotics. Sweet deal, er, for them. Now, do you need new ones? Maybe, maybe not. But often, it’s merely a matter of getting the top covers replaced. 

We’ve made the process incredibly easy. Fill out a simple form. Send us your orthotics along with your payment. We’ll ship them back in no time at all. Your devices will be refreshed and ready for hard usage. Then come visit us a couple of years later for recovering.

Foam colors

Leather colors
(dark brown, beige)


Our pricing for refurbishing:

  • $55 – 3/4 length orthotics (per pair)
  • $65 – full length orthotics (per pair)
  • $5 – each add-on (wedge, metatarsal pad, lift)

No hidden fees. We charge $15 shipping, handling, and insurance. Of course, your State will want their sales tax so consider that as well.  Currently we are turning around your products in 1-2 business days. 

Pay one price and receive your refurbished foot orthotics (the nominal shipping charge includes shipping, handling, and insurance on your orthotics) at a maximum two days later. For now, this is what we do, so we try to make it as easy as possible for you. We will add services in the near future as we expand but for now, a reasonable and fair price.

Pre-Fabricated Foot Orthotics

You’ve seen them in the drug stores in the foot aisles. Rows and rows of foot orthotics, each promising you something slightly different.

Some have you walking on miniature pillows. While attractive at the outset, it may not be useful or beneficial for your feet. 

The new trend is the squishy gel substance to provide cushion and comfort for your feet. What happens when those gels burst while you’re walking? A mess is what happens. Then what?

We make our multi-layered orthotics one layer at a time and provide you with a metatarsal pad. Our orthotics are durable and comfortable. Hint: we’ve made a few of these products for people who are now at the professional sports level so they have to be both durable and comfortable. 


  • Durable cushion. This P-Cell(tm) material is superior in durability, cushion and tensile strength (breaking under strain or tension) to plastizode, another material used in diabetic footwear. Plus, it gives you material bragging rights if you ever needed them. 
  • Metatarsal pad. This small pad relieves some of the pressure on the forefoot. Oooo, I can feel the pain melt away already. 
  • Fashion statement. That’s right. You get to choose your top color (as long as it’s one of the colors below). You’ll be the talk of the town if you take off your shoes and show them your orthotics. 

Our pricing for prefabricated orthotics:

  • $25 – Prefabricated Orthotics (no shipping costs)

Pre-Fab Colors to Choose From